The Best Mystery Authors and Writers

1. Ellery Queen



Daniel Nathan and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky are as one known under the nom de plume Queen. They composed stories on a secret essayist and a youthful sleuth whom they likewise named Ellery Queen. The character of Queen helps his dad who is a police assessor a New York City in tackling the hardest homicide cases. The Ellery Queen is exemplary whodunit puzzles where the peruser gets the pieces of information similarly as the hero investigator does. The Ellery Queen is popular to the point that the stories has been adjusted in TV programs, realistic books, comic books, movies, radio sows and so on.

2. P. D. James

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Hartley/REX (881935h) P.D James Oxford Literary Festival, Christchurch College, Oxford, Britain - 30 Mar 2009 The dinner in honour of Baroness PD James, in the presence of HRH the Duke of Kent, held in the Great Hall of Christchurch College.

Phyllis Dorothy James is an English author. Her most celebrated manifestations are police leader and artist Adam Dalgliesh. In the 1980s, her puzzle books were adjusted for TV by ITV system in the UK highlighting Roy Marsden as Adam Dalgliesh. Later they were telecasted in the US on the PBS system. Her another secret novel The Children of Men was adjusted into a blockbuster film in 2006 featuring Julianne Moore, Clive Owen and Michael Caine. Throughout the years, P. D. James’ commitment has earned her few doctorates, cooperations, respects and honors.

3. Lee Child


Jim Grant is an American creator who utilizes the pen name Child. In 2009 he was chosen president of the Mystery Writers of America. His first novel Killing Floor was distributed in 1997 and won him the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. Tyke’s most commended character is a previous American military policeman named Jack Reacher, who meanders about settling violations. Youngster’s composition style is depicted as hard-bubbled and business. So far he has composed 20 books and won a few recompenses in the secret novel circle.

4. Patricia Highsmith


Patricia Highsmith was an American essayist, known for composing riddle and mental thrillers books. Her most prevalent tension novel was The Talented Mr. Ripley which was adjusted into a film in 1999. A few of her stories have been adjusted for the extra large screen, most outstandingly by Alfred Hitchcock. Her first novel, Strangers on a Train, uncontrollably well known, was additionally adjusted by Hitchcock in 1951. Highsmith has composed a few short stories with Tom Ripley as hero.

5. Raymond Chandler

VARIOUS...No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only Mandatory Credit: Photo by SNAP / Rex Features (390903ai) FILM STILLS OF 1945, RAYMOND CHANDLER IN 1945 VARIOUS

Raymond Thornton Chandler was a British/American essayist. Subsequent to losing his occupation at the oil organization, at 44, Chandler started composing books. His first novel, The Big Sleep, was distributed in 1939. He has composed a few short stories and seven books. His written work has fundamentally impacted American writing. In 1958, Chandler was chosen president of the Mystery Writers of America.

6. Arthur Conan Doyle


Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle is principally known for being the maker of the widely acclaimed anecdotal criminologist Sherlock Holmes. Other than being a wrongdoing essayist, Doyle was a big deal riddle author as well. The primary novel that he composed was The Mystery of Cloomber which got distributed calm late in 1888. A productive author, Doyle composed verse, dream, sci-fi, plays, chronicled fiction which numerous commentators consider to be his best work. Despite the fact that the world observes Holmes stories; Doyle was worn out on composing him. So he raised the cost to such degree that would make it unthinkable for distributers to request him more stories of Holmes. Shockingly they yielded making him a standout amongst the most generously compensated journalists of his time.


7. Edgar Allen Poe


Edgar Allen Poe is known for composing strange and ghastly stories. Poe holds an exceptionally critical spot in American writing and is credited to designing the analyst fiction sort. Poe included cosmology and cryptography in his work. Today his work has showed up in movies, music, TV, theaters and further writing. To respect Poe the Mystery Writers of America exhibits a recompense known as the Edgar Award each year to mind boggling works in the riddle class. Poe is viewed as one those writers who started to consider composing to be a profession alternative which brought about a fiscally strained life. Other than being an author, Poe was likewise an editorial manager and an artistic faultfinder.

8. Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins...circa 1865: English novelist Wilkie Collins (1824 - 1889). (Photo by London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images)

William Wilkie Collins was an English author who accomplished acclaim and budgetary steadiness in the 1860s. His best works, The Woman in White, Armadale , No Name, and The Moonstone, were composed around this time. Contemporary faultfinders called his work “sensation books”. Collins met Charles Dickens in 1851 and they soon turned out to be dear companions. Large portions of his initial work, when were being rejected somewhere else, they were being distributed in Dickens’ diaries All the Year Round and Household Words. After the 60s with Collins’ declining wellbeing, his nature of work started decling as well.

9. Dorothy L. Sayers


Dorothy Leigh Sayers was an English author who composed amid the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Sayers’ most well known riddle books and short stories include the novice criminologist and English privileged person Lord Peter Wimsey. As indicated by Sayers Wimsey was a hybrid between Bertie Wooster and Fred Astaire. Over the length of eleven books and two arrangements of short stories, Sayers has made Lord Peter form into a round character. Other than Lord Peter, Montague Egg and Harriet Vane are two of her repeating characters. Other than being an author Sayers has been an effective marketing specialist, instructor, writer, play essayist, interpreter and artist.

10. Agatha Christie


A standout amongst the most productive puzzle essayists ever, Agatha Christie has composed the longest running riddle play ever called The Mousetrap. Her first book, The Mysterious Affairs of styles including Hercule Piorot was distributed after some trouble in 1939. It turned into a moment smash hit and dispatched her vocation. With two billion duplicates of her books sold, Christie positions third on the planet’s most generally distributed books, directly after Shakespeare’s plays and the Bible. Today she is the most interpreted creator on the planet. Her best known riddle novel is And There Was None that has sold more than 100 million duplicates. Agatha Christie was made Dame in 1972.


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